Day 7 - Jesus, The Living Water


Sunday - 10:45 AM Worship Service | Wednesday - 7:15 PM bible study

Apr. 09, 2020


Today’s Reading: John 4:4-14

Today’s Big Points:

1. Living Water

2. The Person

3. The Problem

4. Prophesied

Questions to Ponder

For you:

* What are the differences between an Old Testament hero like Jacob and Jesus?

* What things do you tend to turn to for satisfaction instead of Christ?

For your Children:

* Why was it surprising that Jesus talked with this woman?

* Who is the living water?

* How does Jesus, the living water, satisfy our souls?

For your Teenagers:

* What does it mean that Jesus is the living water?

* What are some ways that people try to satisfy the thirst in their souls?

* What did Jesus do and how does that give us eternal life?

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